Hi everyone,

Just like the title states, I'm a returning player who's unsure which of the new assassin, hunter & warrior gods to try. I rarely played mage or guardian but, if you have some recommendations for me to try, I'd definitely be willing to try them out. Just so you have a reference to go off of, here's a list of the gods I used to play.

Assassins: Arachne, Bakasura, Fenrir, Kali, Loki, Hun Batz, Nemesis & Thanatos

Hunters: Medusa, Artemis, Rama, Hou Yi & Ullr

Warriors: Osiris, Bellona, Chaac, Sun Wukong & Guan Yu

Mages: Ao Kuang( before he got the rework into Kukulkan), Scylla, Hel, Agni, Anubis & Vulcan