First of all, for people who don't know Daikokuten, a little explanation of who he is and the different elements that I chose.

Daikokuten is the Japanese god of wealth, commerce and trade. In his first form, which we could call "peaceful form", he has a large bag over his shoulder with rice inside, and a golden mallet in his other hand. In his second form, he is angry. He now has 6 arms and flames around him. With 2 of his arms, he carries a dead elephant, and with another arm, he gutts a gazelle.

About the concept of this god, I thought of a few things. His passive could allow him (and, why not, the whole team) to have something like 10% reduction on the market. His ultimate spell could be, like Hel, a change of form. It could go from the peaceful form, where he deals magic damage from a distance, to the angry form, where he does physical attacks in melee. Like that, he could buy any item in the store, which would fit between physical and magic according to its form.
I also created spells for this god. In peaceful form, he could have a spell allowing him to strike with his hammer, dealing damages in a large area. Another spell could allow him to place a store near him, which can be broken by enemies, which would regenerate health and mana to all allies around. In his angry form, one of his spells should be a dash, because his basic spells and attacks become melee.

Thank you for reading me!