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Thread: what are some of these bug? and why do i get deserter for them

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    Angry what are some of these bug? and why do i get deserter for them

    Often i try to load into a match and after loading for ages i'm met with the god selection screen again, without any way of quitting out, and if i close the game and re-open it, it sends me to the main menu where nothing is on screen, and it doesn't go back to normal til the match is over with. i got a deserter penalty for 30 minutes on this earlier and i'm about to get another because this happened again just now, please fix this because i hate having to wait for a queue timer, and putting together a team, just for it to break and i get punished for it. Additionally if i'm tabbed out and i try to accept the match queue alert on the bottom right of the screen, it just hard crashes
    Update: just got deserter for 234 minutes, thanks hi rez
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