Hello. A long time returning player to SMITE here. I figured I would give this game another try since I'm seeing my friends play it and are having fun with it. I stopped way back when Zeus was new and OP.
But, to my discussion/rant.
Why does this community feel so toxic? Every match that I play, there will always be one or two individuals that will just sit there and disrespect their fellow teammates. Either over a mistake they might have made, or because they are not doing what they want them to do. Or maybe, just maybe someone is trying to get used to a God they're not familiar with, or trying to control them how to play. When those players don't get their way, they try to surrender, throw, feed, or sabotage the match for those that are actually trying. Then those toxic players give out false reports on those that are wanting to just play.
I'm by far not the greatest when it comes to mobas, but I try to have fun and support my team because the game is fun. (As unbalanced as it is) But what is not fun is when you have that one person on your team harassing through text or the auto massaging, on top of the enemy that is also harassing. Being through those annoying laughing emotes (which is very unnecessary and very unsportsmanlike at the end of a match, why even have that as a thing?) or their own banter in the lobby chat. Or with this new afk lvl boosting that people are doing. In which isn't that cheating if it's done on purpose?
I'm all about competitive play, but my gods, I don't even get this level of toxicity in other games.
And the fact that Hi-Rez allows this behavior reflects on them as a company, imo.
If I'm wrong on this subject, please feel free to show me another side of it.