I been here for 3 years, i saw almost all the new gods coming out and yeah, some of them are broken like Pele and Merlin but they got a nerf and now they are ok, but heimdall its not a problem about numbers, its about being ridiculous and dont worry, ill explain why this god just fucked up my will of play this game:

The 1 its literally a perma ward of 10 FUCKING SECONDS, 10 SECONDS that gives you true vision, in joust you cant gank or even do your blue with this guy in lane, beacuse this guy its watching you, oh but also when you get out of the 1 he got 3 seconds of true visions over you, thats pretty cool, fuck the vision mechanic of the game with one single god, you know how league of legends got 3 types of wards and even show in the scoreboard the vision points? well fuck all that heimdall got controll over the map, over the players and over the match for free

The 2 prob a litle bit nerf, just a litle bit, like 10 or something like that, its okey

The 3 its the other ridiculous skill on this god, he got a 700ft teleport, remember when you had to sacrifice 1 relique to get the teleport glyph and pay 500 to teleport to any ward, also, buy and put the ward? remeber when i said the 1 fucked up 1 mechanic of the game? well the 3 as well, fuck walk, you just need to wait to the crystal to get repair and you can teleport back to the tower "but ying wei got a pasiva that let you fly until the 1st tower" yeah but you can just use it when you are in base and its limited, this guy can use this shit at any place at any moment, without any cost or sacrifice "but you can put a ward on the crystal and know when he use it" yeah and you can ask or put yourself a sentry and done but the teleport its not all, you can also got a eternal ward on lane in early, "oh man i want to buy the Tebas glove but i have to spend 100 gold on wards, fuck i gotta wait another wave losing some stacks" "oh dont worry man i got my crystals on the jungle, if anyone get close i will see them also i got 3 seconds of true vision after they pass over it so buy the Tebas and start stacking"

And dont even make me talk about the ult, cuz im sure its not necesary explain why its not okay get damage by the initial hit, get another 2 hits, be out of the match 4 seconds but also if you survive get slowed, yeah cuz probably the enemy team its not waiting for you, oh but also if you survive its not like heim can aim his 1 to the point where you gona fall or even hit him with a basic atack, no no no, imagine if the guy evade the basic atack, the people gona get mad, the people will not like this god, give them slow so will be more easy kill people with the ult, then, the people will be happy

So, how fix this? reduce the pasive to 1%, remove the 3 seconda fter being seen, remove the true vision of the, give some way to destroy the crystal or counter it, reduce a litle bit the hord, just a litle bit, reduce the damage of the ult or at least remove the slow

"youre asking to destroy the god lol" if you want to do this kind of comment save your time "well leave the game then" relax its not a threat and im not asking for care so you dont need to worry about me, again, save your time if you were thinking about comment something like this. good day to all and thx by read