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Thread: Character talk - Heroes

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    Character talk - Heroes

    So with Mulan all but confirmed and the likes of Arthur and Merlin already in game, which heroes and legends do you think should come to the game?

    Siegfried: we always need new warriors and the Fafnir connection

    Atalanta: her bow is in the game already, be nice to have another speedster.

    Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, etc: any of the bigger Three Kingdoms heroes pretty much deserve a spot, I even think Zhao Yun is in the new Smite phone game.

    Gilgamesh: Also in the Smite phone game and had some divine credentials too, the only minor issue is would also need to start Mesopotamian pantheon.

    Miyamoto Musashi: pretty much the most famous samurai, I only would hold off on him because we already have Susano'o
    Ares stole Aphrodite from Hephaestus
    Ares killed Poseidon's son for rape and was aquited for murder
    Ares is both the Father AND Grandfather of the Amazons. Feel free to "EWWW"
    Ares turned a guard that failed to anounce Helios into a rooster
    Ares supported Trojans. Ares has a ton of kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlen_Flyheight View Post
    the only minor issue is would also need to start Mesopotamian pantheon.
    why isn't it in the game already is what I wonder. To little source material? Uninteresting Gods?
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