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Thread: Catching up on the Meta - ADC

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    Catching up on the Meta - ADC

    Hi. I haven't really played Smite in two years, so I'm trying to catch up on the meta and how things changed.

    The removal of hasten fatalis for hunters really have me challenged to adjust. As I look up builds online however, what's with the lack of crit in people's builds? Did something happen, or is it meta to just go all pen with hunters these days?

    Let's start by saying I'm trying to relearn Artemis. How does one optimize her these days?
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    Its a tank meta so people like to have both exec and titans.

    When even jungler sometimes pick up a mantle or similar you are simply just concerned more with their frontline then critting the squish in backline, crits are best vs squish, but with qins + wind and fail not, exec, asi, trans you can make some crit build work even against front but if they have a 3 front which is common now its simply not as good as the alternatives.

    Basic build from what I reckon (haven't played conq seriously as a hunter for a long time and arena usually does not have a 3 front). Trans, Ninja, Asi, Exec, Qins, Titans. Depend on their builds qins ain't always optimal (2-3 tanky on enemy team with little hp items) and can be replaced. I think this is how conq meta is for hunter now but Im not sure been a long time I played hunter in conq even close to seriously.

    For other modes it all depends on how tanky their lineup is and how they build. If they go less tanky you can afford to go fail not for that sweet cdr, Hydras (on say ho yi), rage/db, exec, bloodforge/trans. For big crits and just pwn squish and ignore the front if its not much of a threat.

    Artemis I think is nice with some CDR. So say. Ninja, Trans, Exec, Asi, Wind, Deathbringer. Replace one crit item with failnot if u want more cdr.

    What I feel now though is that artemis easily gets ganked in meta. SO you can do some sneaky: Warrior, relic blade, shifters, exec, frostbound/runeforged/blackthorn/magis. Just to become harder to get and contribute with exec and your crazy teamfight. Get blink and beads and be more annoying then carry and let your scylla/chronos carry etc. Maybe not for conq but in other modes it can totally work especially if you have another carry God on your team. I did a build like this in arena not long ago and it worked really well but its certainly not for every game I think.
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