What if the passive on these items where changed to be % based instead of flat amount based?

- Wouldn't be super oppressive early game and reduce snowball chance and frustration
- Useful into the mid and late game

With Jade getting a nerf on Tuesday when the Heimdallr patch goes live, I have a feeling we won't be seeing that item much if at all now. And we rarely see Runic as it already is since it doesn't last past the first two or three items that a mage would build, especially with current meta starts for them (despite it probably being a sleeper item right now since it basically completely negates boots)

Magically speaking, 50 power during the late game once 4 or more items are built is nothing but maybe 40 to 80 damage off of burst abilities which most likely isn't going to make a difference when that ability is already doing 700+ damage mage depending.

Physically speaking, 20 power has a bit more of an impact (new stat as of this tuesday coming up) and can mean 40 to 60 less on a non crit basic attack and somewhere around 120 or slightly less on a crit, build and god dependent. Abilities probably won't be affected much by this during late, if at all.

It would also make these items as T3 items, useful throughout the game, depending on the % level they gave them. I distinctly remember ponpon saying during a patch show some time ago that t3 items should be useful throughout the entire game, even if it's a niche item. Honestly, something needs to be done with these two items drastically since they don't last past mid game once an enemy is at 4 to 6 items into their build.