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Thread: Glad Yemoja's OMI is being worked, but we need more.

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    Glad Yemoja's OMI is being worked, but we need more.

    The next patch on her may help a bit but I don't think they will increase her win rate.

    In my perspective, the main issues with her is damage and her ult. You can make her mage, but she will not do much damage no matter how you try to play her. Her kit just doesn't put out damage. Now should we increase her damage? I don't think that is necessary, but we definitely need to do something with her abilities and with her ult. The next patch will increase the radius, but will see if that really gives her any improvement. With her ult, I find the issue is that it's very easy to escape most of the times, and the her ult takes forever to crash down. I think her ult needs to come down a bit more faster allowing players to take advantage of the after effects of her ult. Currently, players are trying root or slow players while in her ult so it's like making players work more to benefit her ult LOL. I just feel the waves need to crash down faster.

    The other issue is her 1 ability. You need to execute bouncing bubble first, then you can moonstrike in order for the stun to work, and the stun is done only if the ability hits the target in the middle. This just eats up her OMI trying to stun a player, and you have no more OMI to heal which happens all the time.

    The one good think about next patch is they are reworking her OMI. Her OMI makes her limited to equipment, and you are forced to give her items with mana because that will give you more OMI. This I found to be very irritating because there are items that really help the battle such as aura items, and if you pick those items for her, you are giving up the gain of OMI.

    Furthermore, her increased healing on the next patch now gives her a better advantage because her current healing was not up to par in comparison to Tera and Sylvanus, and they were much better guardians compared to Yemoja.

    LOL they are going to ban her on infinite mana MOTD now LOL. She was so fun to play with infinite mana!

    It's nice that Smite is putting black characters on the grid we really need to see more black characters in games.

    See you all in game!
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    I haven't played much lately but I find some Yemojas really know how to use ult to totally disrupt a teamfight. Its not super bad if your team is jumpers but some Gods really can't do much against a well placed Yemoja ult, its not its damage that is its strong side its the zoning it does for a teamfight. She needs to be somewhat awkwardly positioned to get a good ult though but rotating from duo lane or similar in conq its not that hard to get a good setup for it.
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