I've continuously tried to submit Support tickets with the following note:

"I've tried to put in a few tickets, but I don't think any of them have gone through successfully (switching from to Chrome to FF to see if that fixes it).

I earned the necessary 3k gems in Smite Blitz, but neither the Athena skin nor Loki skin transferred to my linked Smite PC account. Can you help push those through?"

But none of them have gone through. I've tried Chrome, FF, and the direct email line. A blank page with no input options comes up when I submit through browser and I receive no reply when I send an email to "hirezsupport@hirezstudios.com".

EDIT: While writing this, it looks like FF will still link to the blank page, but WILL submit the ticket? (Received the confirmation) Any idea as to what's going on with Chrome or that direct email link?