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Thread: Add new god :JESUS:

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    Post Add new god :JESUS:

    I've been playing for awhile now and very curious why jesus and/or GOD isn't a playable character.... Same with Muhammad.. I'm serious in wondering why these three are not included. Please inform me on why and if nothing seems reputable then lets start a petition to get them added in thank you!

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    Firstly; Jesus or Muhammad are not God!
    This game has mythological characters. The person (s) you ask are prophets of heavenly religions. According to belief systems, it is understood as disrespect by many people to impersonate the prophets of the celestial religion and assign them a role and become a part of the game. I'm sure the consequences will be heavy. Because the subject of religion is very sensitive. Every person looks at it differently, only a few groups see the same thing. I think this topic indefinitely close.
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