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Thread: Spanish Only Players

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    Spanish Only Players

    Why do Spanish only players on NA server seem to not know a shred of English that isn't a swear/insult and "report x for feeding/afk"?
    Story: I just got done with a game of adventure in which I had 2 parties as teammates (2 players each). I asked if we could f6 since we were losing all lanes and our tickets are down by nearly 100, they proceed to type something about Thanatos (me) in Spanish and then Guan blamed me for our situation in English. Then my game crashed and I finally loaded back in less than 2 minutes after crashing, the 0/6 Guan proceeded to type "report Thanatos for afk" and his friend the 2/6 Agni agreed. Then in lobby chat after the match I pointed out that my teammates were harassing me, the 0/4 Ullr proceeded to type "report Thanatos". Fyi, I was 2/3 by the end of the match.

    TLDR: Spanish players in 2 separate parties ended up as my teammates harassed me, my game crashed for less than 2 minutes and they want to report me for afk while they fed the whole game.

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    I keep on getting thrown into teams like that, On a occasion..i get Into a "Murica" team and we usually win. When i get into a LATAM team i just don't bother cause they just rush in like idiots with no setup and then blame you for not joining the wagon of idiocy.

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