7 Months have passed since i got banned with no reason and hi rez didnt gave me any explanation or proof
All started in February, when i started using the ticket system to report real toxic players. I had no problem until i got a suspension with no advertisement after i decided to open a ticket against a player. This kind of weird "accidents" In which i submited a report against someone and they decided to suspend me kept happening unitl May 4th
I recieved a mail my account got banned because i gave a real life threat. This happened just a few hours later after I REPORTED A GUY WHO THREATED ME. I submited once again, a ticket to know what was happening, the answer was exactly the same and after that, i had no response.
Im not a toxic player, i can tilt some times but i dont tell someone "Kys", i play since S2, if i was a real toxic player i would be banned since like S3 or S4
Im convinced this was a mistake and i want to know why i literally got suspended and banned for the exact same reasons i used to report