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Thread: Fafnir 3 Bug

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    Fafnir 3 Bug

    I've recently picked up Fafnir and starting loving his kit, however there's a problem with his 3. When used close-range, it will sometimes not do any damage and this is more common after stunning the target with his 1. It will also sometimes bug out when casting it far, by stopping it halfway through. Anyone else see this happen?

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    The stopping half way thru sounds like a bad connection to the server with subsequent bad ping, but the damage thing seems odd. I haven't seen this myself. Are you sure you're actually hitting them? since it's a cone area of effect for the disarm and damage, if you land too close or to far to the side, you may just be missing them entirely since it's really hard to hit a cone type ability the closer you are to them

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