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Thread: Heimdallr Adjustments Based on PTS

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    Heimdallr Adjustments Based on PTS

    imo the way the 1 works should be change into the same way Scylla's 2 works. Pressing it once makes it go on standby (up in the air acting as a ward) - allowing you to auto attack and use abilities, and then the 2nd press would make it detonate (making it crash down on the ground).

    A circle with it's borders moving inwards (similar to Jorm's 1) should be added on the 3 to make it more visible as to where exactly the player needs to stand and how long does it take for the teleportation to actually happen.

    Also the background animations on the ultimate should be fixed, there are instances where the fire and ice backgrounds don't actually load and all the player sees are clouds.

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    Oh that would be a good idea for his 1. The ult thing is well known to them right now so it should be fixed by the time it goes to live

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    His ult seems like something that can totally bug out the game.

    I love his concept. Ranged Axe thrower. We need more hunter Gods, pool has become stale so this is +++++. Also he is somewhat tanky, fits meta, cool with a tanky ranged dude.

    His teleport and banish time together are gonna be really good to setup ganks.

    Fresh and has his niche, I like it a lot.
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