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Thread: Baron Samedi coffin bug

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    Exclamation Baron Samedi coffin bug

    So this is my first post on a forum so bear with me with this.

    So I have been playing Baron Samedi since the day he was released, and constantly since his release day, he has had a bug that has seemed to go unreported even today. What happens is when his ultimate ends, he falls back down to normal, except that the coffin is still there, and it's stuck inside of him and the coffin is open. This coffin doesn't go away until the match ends, which is very frustrating because A) it SEVERELY hampers your ability to see during the match. And B) It happens all the time (around every 5-10 matches). I am hoping somebody at Smite Dev team can see this because Baron Samedi is my favorite character and its very frustrating that this bug is still in the game when it should have been patched near immediately.

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    Your graphic settings might be screwing with things as a possibility. I've played him a lot myself and I've yet to have this happen to me in the hundred or so matches I've played as him. Try doing a file repair or reinstall and see if that fixes it. Also try resetting your graphic settings as well.

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