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Thread: Returning Player Here. What's New?

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    Returning Player Here. What's New?

    Hey there guys. This is TheHolyDarkness. I'm an old veteran of Season 3 and Season 4. Started playing in March 2015. When Bellona was brand new, and she tricked me into thinking I was some kind of genius at this game.

    Ah. Memories.

    Anyway, I successfully quit this game, but then RWBY dragged me back in. Great.

    I concede that I'm back, I guess. So how and where do I catch up? Especially in terms of patch notes? I used to rely on Smite God's History but this website is clearly no longer updated. How do I best catch up? What has changed? Who are all these new people? King Arthur? Archilles? Who? Them's not a god I tell you I tell you what! We can play as mortal minions now? Since when?

    I'm old and confused? @_@

    How to catch up? Especially on any changes that may have occurred to my old mains? I'm mostly sticking to Arena for now.
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    Let's start simple.

    Which server you on?

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    The wiki might help you out there.

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