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Thread: Servers and other things

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    Servers and other things

    1. Servers are really bad, this is nothing new, same problem for years and you dont do anything.

    2. Sometimes when you login you lost, well not lost but all profile loadout is at default -.-

    3. From beta day 1 you are adding new skins which are not new at all, just standard skin with different color, again -.-

    4. What happend with clan store? Why not add more levels?

    5. Items in store are OVERpriced... 1 skin for 1200 gems, you can buy 1000+500 gems for 16€, which is atm at 20% off :/


    Also submited server issues from beta (support ticket), and every time you say its my ISP or something but EVERYONE have this problem... servers ping is from 65-110+ cheap servers located where???
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