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Thread: Amateratsu help

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    Question Amateratsu help

    Hi, I stated playing Ama after I realized I was completely shite at Susano and couldn't do much but jungle and get 3 kills in a game xD. (For those curious, I consistently got a score of 3 / 0 / 6 as him, but felt like that wasn't enough)

    My question is, how would one get better?

    I am easily able to keep myself alive for the entire game. A good example of this is my last Joust match. We lost due to a heavy comeback from the enemy team. I manged to go the entire match without dying until near the end, where I got stunned by all 3 other heroes and perished. My score was 7 / 1 / 6

    My teammates were dying a lot each with 6 and 7 deaths, but I kinda feel like I left them hanging a few times in battle. I'm kinda asking how to kill without being punished too heavily. I don't mind raising the amount of deaths I have if it means doubling my kills, but it has to be substantial enough to warrant the throwing of myself at the enemies.

    I feel like I'm pretty good at scaring the enemy as well. I can normally pressure 2 people as long as they seem to be idiots xD. This is really useful as I normally play as a Solo Lane.

    The build I normally use is:

    -Warrior Blessing
    -Chalice of Healing
    -Warrior Tabi
    -Wind Demon (Can't live without my crits)
    -Valor/Genji's (The unused one from the start)
    -Shield Of Regrowth (To replace Warrior Blessing very late game)

    Relics include :

    -Blink (Always)
    -Aegis (maybe)
    -Purification Beads (If I'm getting stunned by Anubis the lil' bastard)
    -Heavenly (If I fucking hate their damage output)

    I know how her abilities work, and watched a few videos on combos and what not. I know to mirror during ult and to keep power whilst attacking. I will only switch if I fall to yellow health and I immediately warn my team that power is no longer with them. My charge is normally used as a mix of getting in and getting out, since cool downs near end game allow me to use it both times. Most fights I will engage with ult and tell the team to fight once they're ready.

    This is my first MOBA, and I feel like I'm doing well, but I also feel like I could do a lot better. Feel free to give me any criticism. I know the build I use is a bit weird but it feels like crits work better than the scaling on physical power.


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    I haven't played Ama as much as i used to, but i would suggest building Blackthorn early. It gives a good amount of power as well as health, with a good passive. This could help give you an early spike in power.
    Some other ideas would be to replace crit with some protection shred like Stone Cutting sword or replace BOV with Void shield. This should help your damage be a little more meaningful
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    Crit on Warriors is not as good as people think, cite all the stats of matches, doesn't matter.

    Ninja Tabi better than Warrior since Ama is an AA-God. Plus since she is an AA-God, Atk Spd matters more than Power.

    Bersker's Shield will also give more Atk Spd and heals off your autos.

    You can also go with no boots using other movespeed tank items from the Ancient Blade tree that suit what you need.

    Instead of Genji's, you can go with Shogun's that buffs both your Atk Spd and nearby allies. Buffing your Atk Spd procs your Passive sooner plus again AA-God.

    Ama can even do Support or a mixed Solo/Support build. If your team needs a Support item and the actual Support cannot fit it into their build, you can use it. If you know how to build Support, you can use Ama in the Support role.

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