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Thread: I love Smite, and I will miss it dearly.

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    I love Smite, and I will miss it dearly.

    Since it's inception, I've been totally endured with smite. I played it after work, I played it after losing my job, I played it while making a game to ease my mind because that shit is dirty..

    This is an absolutely wonderful game that has turned into a beautiful thing over the past seven or eight years; and I implore Hi-Rez to continue to deliver awesome content that your generation enjoys.

    I won't leave without saying that I think Assault needs balance, but I understand it's origins.

    I hope and pray that all of you have sweet dreams for every night you sleep, you have been an absolutely awesome community (and given today's game's state, that is extremely rare)... And most of all I want to thank you all for the memories.

    This is the OG Duke signing off. If you want the name, I'll pay for a name change and let you have it free of cost.

    This has been a blast!

    I'll be back on for a three more days to let anyone who wants the name change to take it.

    There is no good goodbye. But it was the best "hello" I've ever had.

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    Excuse me for being a big dumb dumb, but why are you leaving man? I just got on! xD

    No but all seriousness, this is a great game. I can see why you played it so much and I admire your dedication.

    I don't think you should be selling the name though. There may be a time where you feel like you should come back for abit, we both agree it is a good game after all. I don't know much about you or your life, but I wish you well.

    A guy who gives a speech like this before leaving after 8 years seems like he should be treated well, and I really hope you can work whatever is giving you trouble out.

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    You are not dumb just new. Duke is here from time to time like this but more positive now then usual
    Rocking the boat

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    Okay so you are leaving because you want balance on Assault? Gimme a break, how can you balance anything that's random? But I get it....I love it when Aphro or Hel is given to me and the opposite team's healer is Guan Yu LOL or Artio.
    Diva Aphro, "Gurl bye!"
    That means Bye Biach!

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