Greetings! My name is Loren I enjoy playing many games and just recently stumbled across smite. I have been playing on computer games since before 1999.. My first major multiplayer game was Nova-logic Delta Force Black Hawk Down. I played that game up until August of 2016 where I switched over to CSGO. I have played csgo since Aug of 2016.. I have stopped playing csgo regularly and have been looking for a game that I can enjoy and be competitive in with out as many cheating issues.. I have finished off Season 32 of esea and as of today 11-18-2019 I am considering not re paying for ESEA.

I have been watching other streamers youtubers and forums about this game prior to coming over to it.. However I am very new.. Any tips anyone could give me please do! Outside of gaming I enjoy many hobbies one of which is Amateur Radio I have two repeaters here in Southern IL which are custom built and designed for us.

Now onto more personal information about me.. I have a bunch of medical conditions that i have been experiencing one of which has caused me to use a walker/Rollator for mobility I have numbness tingling and burning feeling in my feet and legs and at times my hands cause me some issue.. I game and stream just for fun.. Here lately i haven't been streaming much do the medical issues.

I am also the owner of a gaming community for Minecraft and many other games. So there I have now told a bunch of things about myself now its time for me to scroll through and see what others have had to say about themselves.