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Thread: I think this game is rigged, and I may have proof

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    Game's rigged

    Okay, here we go. Pretty sure there is no explanation for why two different accounts, one that I've been playing for a while and the other that's new that I've intentionally played horribly on, do different amounts of damage in pretty much the exact same scenario.

    And here's another video where my ult is doing quite a bit more damage than it should.
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    Lately I had games where I just deal no damage, and games where I deal insane damage. Like Im super surprised on both ends. Its only really in arena I notice it, assault and conq is consistent. Though past week or so I haven't seen or felt it. I also had other strange behaviors some weeks ago, like running away with 100hp and getting one shot for 9999 damage from some weird source out of nowhere, or getting hit by archer minions for like 1-2 shots for 500dmg.

    I cannot explain the two first clips here but it is consistent with what I have experienced.

    The last clip can be due to level difference. 4 level difference (7 to 11) is about 20% more dmg dealt, and maybe also 20% more damage taken. so that would be like 300 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 432 which seems about right. I cant remember where I read that level difference work by 5% more dmg dealt and 5% more taken / level but since I read that (long ago) smite made more sense. Same goes other way 5% less dmg if they are 1 level above you. This is why you don't fight someone with higher level alone as 2 levels up is like a red buff in difference to performance. I might be wrong about the numbers it can be just flat 5% / level and not 5% + 5%.
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    Fail to see a point.

    First two videos, if you mean different amount of damage dealt or something else.
    Last video, given your build and you fight Bots with weaker builds than humans do, no point there.

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    difference in dmg can just be the result of different base stats on gods. some gods have higher base phys protections than others.

    the last video is absolutely normal. you are going full dmg and hit a fully charged ult on a target that has no protections and is 3/4 lvls below you

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