Does no one notice the awful stutter/chopping/freezing in this game? It's making the game nearly unplayable to the point where my friends and I can't handle it anymore are on the verge of uninstalling. I am 90% sure that this a global issue(not local) and I believe it's likely a network related cause.

I have already documented the problem and sent it to Hi-Rez support who said they were able to replicate the issue, which is that there is stutter every 5-20 seconds that causes the 0.1% low-fps to drop significantly, down to roughly 20-30 depending on your base fps. I have also had several friends test this and they all have the same problem. I have tried everything possible to fix the issue on my end but clearly this is bigger than a local PC issue.

So, why is no one else commenting about this problem? How can you stand the stutter?

If you would like to see if you can replicate the issue on your PC here are the steps:

Basically all it involves is download MSI Afterburner and setting up benchmarking, then going in Smite and testing your 0.1% fps.

Here is youtube video showing how to set up Afterburner:

After this is setup, just go into Smite - any map it doesn't matter(I go into the Jungle Training map) and check your 0.1% low fps. Dropping down to 20 is NOT normal for any game. Games such as Destiny 2, much more demanding titles don't even have this issue at all. This is literally what stuttering is.