I watch all patch programs and I was very happy this split, no mmr changes! So, I thought, no TP changes either hopefully. I didn't notice yesterday, but I did notice today... that was not the case. I know the reasons why we are dropped down a whole division from where our mmr says we should be: so we can have a sense of progression in getting back there and then hopefully moving on. But that is not the case, or it is not always.

I've been grinding the ranked ladder since season 1. I'm not the best player by far, so lets say I'm around the means (afterall, I'm a goldie). This means I have been dropped again from Gold 1 (where I was) to Silver 2 (one division below my mmr, which was a bit below my rank). The same as always. But I'm not a kid anymore, I have a real life, with problems and responsabilities, can't play a thousand games per split... so I get to play enough to normally reach back where I was and hopefully try to increase my position a bit... and then it all resets again. And I have to grind my way back through the same path I've grinded dozens of times before.

So, the thing is, lowering our position artificially doesn't make us have a sense of progression, of reaching higher ranks: afterall, you're only reaching ranks you already had. And even with the benefits of being lower rank than mmr (higher TP gain, lower TP loss), it still takes time to reach the same position you had. Specially because your rivals are those of your mmr (as it should be), which means you win some and you lose some, but when you get a good streak you reach back where you were very quickly... but a bad streak means you probably lose the whole split just in being back where you were or close to it.

So, what I'm trying to say with all this is that the move of no mmr reset for this split was a good move. Better match quality and so on. But now it's time to not reset the rank position itself either. Let us play and fight in our rank and not have to grind all the way back to it every time.