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Thread: New GODS IDEA: Dacian Pantheon - Zamolxis, Gebeleizis, Bendis, Derzelas, etc.

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    New GODS IDEA: Dacian Pantheon - Zamolxis, Gebeleizis, Bendis, Derzelas, etc.

    Hello, I would like to make a suggestion for the Dacian pantheon. The Dacians had 7 Gods before Zamolxis (but one of them was Dyonisus from the Greeks so 6 original Gods) and after Zamolxis it had 1 God but also "The Great White" which is a creature that serves Zamolxis, so it could be 2 Gods.

    The banner of the Dacian pantheon can be the Dacian Draco, a dragon with a wolf head:

    Post-Zamolxis Gods:

    1. Zamolxis -> God of Life and Death, supreme deity, who gradually took the place of other gods and became the only deity.

    Zamolxis is similar to God and Jesus because he's considered a watchful protector from above, he was once a human and thought the Dacians about the immortality of the soul, how in death they would pass to a certain place where they would enjoy all possible blessings for all eternity. He was not a wrathful god like Zeus.

    Zamolxis can be a healer, focused on area of effect healing. And the "Great White" can be either a companion he calls using a skill or a different God altogether.

    2. The Great White -> According to the legend of the Great White Wolf, Zamolxis turned a priest into a wolf to protect Dacia from invaders.

    The Great White is a big white wolf, bigger than other wolves and white, like John Snow's direwolf, he is the offensive arm of Zamolxis so to speak. He was a protector of the Dacians, bringing together all the wolfs of the forests to help defend the lands, every time the Dacians were in danger, the wolves would hear the call of the Great White Wolf and came to help. The White Wolf was also a judge, condemning the cowards and untrustworthy.

    He could be something similar to Fenrir but have a skill that summons other small wolves to fight for him and something related to judging the unworthy, possibly a debuff on an enemy.

    Pre-Zamolxis Gods:

    3. Gebeleizis -> Dacian God of dark sky, thunder, lightning and rain, the supreme deity before Zamolxis. Often depicted with a spear, lightning or arch in his hands battling a snake.

    Gebeleizis was often associated with an eagle and represented the dark sky. Gebeleizis commands the storms and the thunders. Because of these manifesations, he was considered the strongest God. In his honor, the Dacians used to shoot arrows towards the sky.

    Gebeleizis is something similar to Zeus but more of a Warrior than a Mage. His ultimate should definetly be an ability that makes the sky dark and he should have other skills related to thounders and rain. But also with the weapons considering that he was weilding a spear.

    4. Bendis -> Dacian goddess of femininity, the moon and forests, charms and love.

    The goddess Bendis is corresponding to Artemis in Greek mythology or Diana in Roman mythology. Bendis was a huntress, she was often accompanied by the spirits of the nature. Bendis wore a short chiton with an Asiatic snug-sleeved undergarment. She was wearing animal skin and had a hooded Thracian mantle. She wore high boots and has a bow & spear.

    The most obvious choice for Bendis is a Hunter. Some skills can include here companions nature spirits helping her in battle and the hooded Thracian mantle that could protect her in some way.

    5. Derzelas -> God of health, abundance and the human spirit's vitality. Often represented riding a horse.

    Derzelas is considered the patron of health and human vitality, he is a warrior caretaker. The Roman colonists in Dacia considered him similar with Hercules. Derzelas represented care towards man, the center around which all human activities should revolve. In Roman conquered Dacia, games called Darzaleia were held in his honor every five years, possibly attended by Roman Emperor Gordian III in 238 AD. The God was depicted with the Horn of Abundance in his left hand.

    He can be a god similar to Hercules, full of raw power and energy, but riding a horse. He could have offensive abilities like Hercules but on a lesser extent certain abilities that would take care of his allies. Maybe an original buff ability could be - increased speed, given that he revitalizes his allies by blowing the Horn of Abundance from his left hand.

    6. Sabazios -> God of the Sun, the sky and rebirth of nature in spring. Often represented as a nomad riding a horse, wielding his characteristic staff of power.

    Sabazios was venerated by the Dacians, people who loved the horses, he used to have temples built for him in the mountains, as close as possible to the Sun. This temples had an open roof, allowing the sun's light to enter the temple, and at night torches were placed on the altars. He also represented the rebirth of nature during Spring and is considered the one who liberates people from the harsh winter. He may look similar to Derzelas, but while Derzelas is focused on humans, Sabazios is focused on nature.

    Sabazios can be a combination between Ra and Odin but on a horse. A nomad warrior who uses the sun's energy as his weapon but also direct melee attacks with his staff of power.

    7. Dionysus -> God of the grape harvest, wine, fertility and theatre. Taken from the Greeks. He is already in the game.

    8. Kotys -> The mother-goddess and the Goddess of fertility.

    Kotys' worship required a purification ceremony which involved an elaborate bathing ritual. Kotys was often worshipped during nocturnal ceremonies, which were associated with rampant insobriety and obscene behavior. Kotys was also worshipped in a festival known as the Cotyttia.

    I have no idea how you can make a fighting God out of her, considering she wasn't a warrior at all. Maybe something similar to Terra.

    9. Pleistoros -> The god of war.

    Pleistoros is a bloody God. His priests had to be warriors themselves. Enemies capturated during war were sacrificed on a pyre at night to Pleistoros as gratitude for their victory. He was especially worshiped by the Dacian tribe Pleistoi.

    Pleistoros could be a tank who uses anger and blood as his weapons, his power could increase the longer he is in a fight or close to enemy Gods, and he could get a buff for any enemy Gods killed next to him, considered a sacrifice.

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    Nice idea but I just need to mention how impossible the idea that the dacians (the most advanced thracian civilization) took gods from the greeks since Herodot mentioned that the greek culture is partly taken from the thracians. They took Zeus, Artemis, Apollo and Dyonisos from the dacians and not vice-versa.

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