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Thread: When I noticed Hi-rez was using drugs, it called Persefone

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    When I noticed Hi-rez was using drugs, it called Persefone

    They create a goddess that deals damage without difficulty, spends no mana

    Her damage chases you. Making you either run away or take damage in order to farm. And if you try to run, you won't make it.
    Put another lane cleaning skill with a nearly zero casting time,with ruge damage.
    And to top it off, a scape. Did you get to her even after taking all her damage and flowers? Scape! and if you have a plant nearby is more damage on you!

    Let's talk about the ultimate, comparable speed to Mercurio at ultimate. Team control. And you lose status.

    And to prove Hi-rez's insanity, they put a passive that the Goddess revives ...

    Seriously, HR, you are sick! If the creativity to release balanced god is over, stop it! Sell ​​the game to another company, you're doing a disservice.
    When you face a Persefone in the mid, no matter what god you are using, it will put you under the tower and farm 10x faster than you!

    I'll wait for the next Patch notes and if there isn't a really big NERF in this goddess, I'll be leaving the smite.
    But I can't leave without first saying that Hi-rez don't have the slightest ability to create, balance and make the character playable without being OP. You should reevaluate what you have been doing with the Smite, because you are failing it!
    Every game I come in, anyone can talk badly about the game and the administration, always comparing it with other MOBA's.

    Thanks hi-rez, for being incompetent, you fucked the game I liked.

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    If there was some way you could kill her little plant rush things before she sicks an army of them on you it wouldn't be so bad, but as it stands you're going to be forced under tower while she has the lane to herself if your jungler isn't competent. It's infuriating, especially since you can't outrun them without burning your own escape and their damage adds up fast. Add on the fact she's free to do whatever she wants while "revived" since there's no way to shut it down other than waiting it out, and it's pretty clear some reworking is needed.
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