So this has been requested for quite some time and I personally (as a west coast player) feel that it is way overdue. It would be a simple implementation and would for lack of a better word, "de-trigger" all of the west coast and east coast players who get paired in a high latency server across the country. All Titan Forge has to do is allow players to set their preferred region to correlate with their actual region, and not just a dice roll of getting a half decent server. Rather than just a broad "North America", could we get some actual region selection... Ie: NA West and NA East. We have this for Latin America... so Titan Forge definitely understands that being long distance from the server you're playing on makes the game a less than enjoyable experience. Over the years of playing Smite there have always been those games where maybe my internet was being a bit slow and I'd get some latency from that. Recently however, I don't think that in my last 60 games I have gotten a match with less that 130 -160 ping; worse yet, it seems to spike every few minutes, sometimes up into the mid 200's.
Please, I humbly ask on behalf of myself and all my fellow players who struggle with the server ping rng, let's get this implemented Titan Forge, it's time, let's get this done.