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Thread: Stupid deserter ban

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    Angry Stupid deserter ban

    Ok this is REALLY annoying.
    Y usually play on LA or Brazil, since I'm from Uruguay. Queue WAY TOO MANY TIMES goes "couldn't find a match", so I just alt-tab after pressing OK. However, the game does not notify you you finally join a match (after what? 5? 10 tries?) so It's just normal to forget to check the game before select-god-countdown would end.
    And now I'm not just getting 24 hours ban but 125 hours ban!!! WTF!!! I hate too to not be able to play, but it is just boring to stay with smite on screen when u know that ull probably not join a match...

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    is it that hard to stay on screen for like 20 seconds after pressing ok? the timer is only 20 sec to accept. So if you alt tab after accepting cause you couldn't be bothered to wait the rest of the 20 secs timer out to see if you get in a match or not it is your own fault.

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