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    Cool VGS Ideas

    Hi everyone!

    A thought just occurred to me as I thought of Yemoja and the introduction of Omi.

    It made me think of how there is the voice command VVM, indicating the use God is Out of mana. It made me realize that if she were to use up all of her Omi, it would say the same voiceline, that she is out of mana.....but it doesn't apply to her! What I'm trying to get to is, her voiceline should say "Out of Omi" rather than "Out of Mana". The same should go for Cu Chulainn, though it should say "Out of Rage", and similar for any future gods who may have a similar mechanic replacing mana.

    I also have thought of two additional commands that could be added!

    The first being to signal that a god on the enemy team is low on health (i.e VBH), and the second being to signal that a god on the enemy team is low on mana (i.e VBM). The reason I believe these two commands should be added is so that you can indicate to allies to initiate an attack for the following reason (i.e an ult such as Chernobog or Nu Wa could secure a kill, or an ally may not notice how little mana an enemy has).

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    Makes sense, Valid point, will hi-rez change it? prob not... should they... not really important... would it be nice... eeeh... I suppose

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    They probably won't change the standard skin lines so everyone that isn't familiar with those gods at least understand that they're outta juice, but they can definitely spice the lines for skins.
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