Aphrodite has been at a weird spot, never being too good, but not the complete worst. Her current passive was made in mind when hi-rez were trying to push healer mages being bruiser/support. Since this is no longer the case, Aphrodite should get a new passive to match the other healers in potency.

New Passive: Devoted Love

When linked up with a teammate, Aphrodite will gain an additional 10 MP5(0.5+ per level) and her in combat healing is increased by 15%. If her linked teammate goes below 50% health, anti-heal will be reduced by 35% for 5 seconds (internal cooldown of 30 seconds).

I feel like this would help her a lot with her mana sustain, her uniqueness in being a one person healer, and make her stand out and usable. Being able to counter anti-heal is quite rare, and asclepius isn't enough, so having a healer that can would shake things up and actually stop the powerhouse that anti-heal is.