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Thread: Zhong Kui as Santa Claus skin concept

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    Zhong Kui as Santa Claus skin concept

    So I don't understand how nobody came up with this idea before. (Maybe Hirez doesn't wanna do it idk)but
    Christmas Season is coming up. So Hirez should come up with some Christmas themed skins. And this is a good suggestion.

    How about Santa Claus Zhong Kui skin.

    I mean his classic character design and even most of his abilities can be matched to Santa. The skin should look like:
    He's a fat man with a white beard, and gold trimmed glasses. He wears a Classic red suit and hat with some white puffy stuff. Nice big red bag full of presents. He carries a candy cane for a staff (with some bells attached to it). Autos can be snowballs. For the abilities 1-3 they can have snow white effects with some confetti sprinkled in there. For the book that usually flies by Zhong, it can be replaced with a tiny cute Rudolph who shoots out of his red nose. Now for the ult...and the best part. When he ults instead of ghosts, tiny presents fly out of his bag and fly to the enemies. So he can bring joy and happiness to everybody with presents to represent the Christmas season.

    I cant really draw, and there is plenty of images of Santa in google, so here's a classic imagining of Santa

    Hopefully you see my vision. I feel like Zhongs character design and abilities just fit with Santa Clause's portrayal. Another god that also kinda fits is Apollo since he has the sleigh, but in general hes skinny, has a dash and his whole character design theme doesn't match Santa as well as Zhong.

    Idk why hirez hasn't done this skin yet, it seems pretty obvious to me. Maybe there are some restrictions to the extend of what they can put in the game. And they can not put a skin that directly references Santa Claus, probably cuz hes a religious figure. But idk just my hypothesis.

    Ok let me know what you think of this skin concept i came up with, Have a good one.
    Also, check out my other sKin concept for Thanatos
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