So obviously both games have similarities as they're both MOBA, however there are small details that confuses the hell out of me.

For starters there are times where left lane would be long or short lanes, and vice versa. What roles belong to the short lane? Solo?

Also I feel like people are just doing whatever despite their chosen role in Conquest or is it that how it is in Smite? For example I would be playing Guardian in support role (tank support?). I know that supports are meant to be with their Carry (attack damage carry?), at least that's what I've learned in this game and in League. Tank supports are meant to take the bulk of dmg and give utility so Carries in the team can out damage enemy.

However it seems people don't give a fu about their roles and just do fu all, messing with jungler's jungle and forcing others to take on other lanes that's not their own in which they end up countering themselves against enemy lane. I want to think that the players I've been playing with are just new and want to wander around the map, but I'm getting flamed when I claim a role like mid and forced to go wander to other lanes in early lane phase, wasting my time and not given the opportunity to farm. I do gank other lanes when opportunity presents itself just FYI.

How much mentality am I suppose to change from League to Smite?