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Thread: Odin Rework/Buff Suggestion

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    Odin Rework/Buff Suggestion

    Hello Hi-Rez,

    My name is Joseph, and I've been playing Smite since the beta of the game. I fell in love with this game ever since the beginning, and I quickly learned which God was going to be my favorite, and that God has been Odin ever since. I am proud to say that I am a 8 Star Diamond rank with Odin. As of the recent few patches, Odin had received a pretty bad nerf to his abilities, considering that his Ult is less effective than it was before, his Ult is fairly below average, considering that half the Gods can just use their escape ability to get out of the ring, or just buy the Relic that allows you and the whole team within range to walk through his rings, or the other half are just unaffected by it because they have higher attack speed and/or Damage/Defense than Odin, which trying to go toe to toe with one of these gods would cause him to still die. His Ult doesn't really protect Odin anymore, and the nerf he had recently received because of "Trapping an enemy in the ring so that the whole team can throw in their abilities seemed to be too powerful" is contradicting to the point that the other team can also throw abilities in his ring as well, so it doesn't really matter, all the ring is at this point is just a very light Crowd Control.

    I would also like to point out that Odins 1, 2, Combo, where he uses his bird bomb, Is a good damaging attack, but that's the only thing odin can use, to close in the distance to deal ANY damage, because his early game, he is too squishy to take any damage. He will die quickly. once he uses the bird bomb, he has no way to retreat, due to too many gods having CC abilities, and Status ailments, which will either slow his movement speed, attack speed, and/or completely disables his abilities altogether. Odin also doesn't have great clearing abilities for the minions, without using his Jump, which will again make him vulnerable to getting CC'd by the enemy team. I find myself dying way too often, just to deal some damage to the enemy.

    May I suggest a few options for making Odin better. You can utilize all these changes, or just 1 or none, you are the developers of the game, and I respect your decisions, but please try to look at it in the shoes of those who support you guys and coming from someone who has mained Odin for years, but really frustrated recently on how he plays. There are also Youtubers that have play Smite excessively and have made the same conclusion that Odin needs a buff as well, please consider these suggestions Hirez:

    1. For his Passive, Path to Valhalla, I dont mind the effects of it, Where whenever any god dies on the battleground, Odin gains a bonus to Movement Speed and Power. This effect can stack up to 5 times. However In order for it to be of any practical use, I suggest increasing the Duration: 8s to 14s, And normally the passive only is triggered with 1 or 2 stacks most of the time, So I suggest also increasing the Movement Speed Per Stack: from 4% to 9% and Power Per Stack: from 8% to 10%.

    If I had to choose a new Passive entirely for Odin, I would want that each time Odin damages or receives damage from an enemy (God or Minion) he gains Stacks Or Runes, Reaching a maximum of 15 Stacks/Runes. (Whichever, I said Runes because Runes match better by Lore). Those Stacks increase his Attack speed by 1.3333% per stack, as well as his HP5 by 4 per stack. Reaching a maximum of 20% Attack speed, and 60 HP5. Each stack lasts for 6 Seconds, After 6 Seconds, The Stacks/Runes are reset. As far as attack speed for his passive, it makes a ton of sense, considering he’s known as a boxer, and also it’d allow odin to capitalize with his ultimate much more efficiently, allowing to take full affect of his CC and help secure kills thus giving him more Stacks on average per Game.

    2. I consider this to be one of my more favorable changes, due to multiple benefits Odin can receive from this, But for Odin's 1st ability, Lunge, I think instead of it just being one big jump and be done, I think he needs a ability that allows him to do atleast SOME damage from a distance, even if its a little bit, and that's where I think SIMILAR to Chaac's 1st Ability, Thunder Strike, could be used for Odin, but first, I'll explain What I think Odin lacks, leading up to why I think Odin needs this biggest change to his Lunge Ability:

    I think For Odin, He does good damage, but after using his comboing kit, he has no way to sustain himself in the fight, because Raven Shout, His Shield, is not enough protection if caught by any CC/DPS attacks, and if you go in with Odin, most likely you used your Lunge in combo with his Raven Shout to deal some damage, so any kind of protection has completely been eliminated just from using those two skills in collaboration, so you no longer have a escape, and because your a Melee warrior, So dealing damage from a distance is out, You have to rely on your teammates to chip away at the enemies health, You could risk jumping in with your Lunge, or running in with your Shield hoping you don't run out, or get by a stun, like Anubis's wrap, by the time you reach them to whack them a couple times. You see my point...

    This Is what I think we should do with Odin's 1st Ability. When you use Odin's First ability, "Lunge", He would throw his spear at a distance of the players choosing (like Chaac). When the Spear Lands, It deals 50% Damage of the scaling of what Lunge does now (Damage: 120/165/210/255/300 (+70% of your physical power) Which would equate to 60/85/105/130/150 +50% of your Physical Power, Then, within 5sec's after the spear was thrown, the ability would then change image on your hot-bar, (Like Merlin) and If you use the ability again, Odin will Jump to his spear, Crashing down, and retrieve it, similar to the really sick animation that Celestial Guard Odin has When you select him in the Character Menu. When he Lands This is when he causes damage a second time, for 100% of Lunge, and yes I did say 100% 120/165/210/255/300 (+70% of your physical power), and I'll explain why, Odin is renowned for his powerful bird bombs, if you play Odin correctly, and you build him right and you get ahead in the game, he is one of the hardest hitting gods in the game, however, If you were to take half of that power away from his Lunge damage, then he would no longer be known and fun to use for what hes been known for... the revered Bird bombs. Besides, when he throws his spear down, people are going to see him coming more easily now, so his Ganking skills wont be as on Fleek anymore unfortunately. Which if you think about it, might help Odin not use up his kit so quickly, and stay in the lane longer to pick off minions to level up longer. This will also Help Odin to deal some damage if the player chooses to play more passively as opposed to so aggressive, essentially sacrificing his "Lunge" ability to deal damage, eliminating any chance of retreating or escaping if needed. I dont think this is Overpowered at all considering that it reduces Odin's chance to hit both hits because of the telegraphing from the spear throw. However Its more essential that Odin is able to do little damage from a distance and save his kit from being used so recklessly.

    3. When his 2nd ability, Raven Shout, is activated, allow it to nullify ONE hard CC Ability from the enemy so that while Odin has Raven Shout triggered, it is easier to use it as a alternative damaging skill without having to use it in conjunction with his jumping ability, "Lunge" (This effect can only be triggered every 35 seconds/This effect after being triggered has a 35 second Cooldown). Additionally, Allow Odin to Heal himself 60% of the damage inflicted upon the Enemy, But Only in the circumstance that the Enemy God Is Killed by the explosion of Raven Shout. This CAN BE USED in conjunction with his 1st ability, "Lunge". However the healing only is dependent on the damage inflicted from Raven Shout, not “Lunge”. (Good recovery skill, But not overpowered, considering the Shield can be depleted in less than a couple seconds if your building Odin Full Dmg, Or the enemy team is fed. It allows Odin to stay in battle, It forces the enemy team to focus on Odin and not the DPS, so its a good aggro as well)

    4. This is a 2nd suggestion for Odin's 2nd ability, Raven Shout. I recommend While his Raven Shout is activated, to allow a Reflect of 50% of all basic attack damage to counter balance the issue of Odins Shield either depleting too fast, or getting Depleted and not doing enough damage, specially for a close range ability that also only does damage based on the inflexible mechanic of its 4 second timing until it explodes, and thats only if it survives long enough to explode and deal any amount of damage at all. If the Enemy God is built to do higher damage output, and has higher attack speed, Like Achilles for example, Odin will be outboxed everytime. However If Odin had a similar effect to his Raven Shout like Shield of Thorns, It could potentially sway the turns of battle in Odin's favor. Raven Shout only has a stock of 100/175/250/325/400 Health, with 60% of his physical power being added to the total health of Raven Shout. Which would equate to roughly 450-680 (Depending on Build). If this is the case, then Mid - Late Game, Most Mages, Hunters, or Assassins, can all deplete the Shield within a matter of a couple seconds before the Shield has any time to explode, and deal damage, let alone Protect Odin. In Example, If the Enemy decides to engage, and the Enemy Hits Odin with a basic attack, and deals 500 damage, Not only is most of Odins Shield gone, but it also defeats the purpose of doing any damage at all, So that's why 50% of Damage reflect, which would equate to 250 damage directed back towards the enemy, If the Enemy continues to engage and depletes all of Odin's Shield, this would cause the enemy to self-inflict damage on themselves multiple times. If the Enemy hits 500 damage per strike, then it would take 2 hits for Odin's Shield to deplete entirely, Reflecting damage onto the Enemy Twice. This effect Correlates based upon how hard the Enemies basic attacks are. This isnt Overpowering considering the fact that this only goes into affect If the enemy chooses to Strike Odin with a basic attack, which its only as useful as the enemy allows to self-mutilate them-self. This allows Odin to store more of his shields health to ultimately inflict more damage when it explodes, at the same time intimidating the enemy from engaging and diminishing his Shield too fast. This allows for close fights to give Odin the option to retreat if his first ability, "Lunge" is down, or chase the enemy. This will also allow Odin to Use this ability entirely on its own for Damage, instead of relying on his first ability "Lunge" to trigger the explosion. This also gives Odin a intimidation factor, ultimately giving himself more Protection as well as damage output, allowing to stack easier for his Ultimate, "Ring of Spears."

    5. This is the 3rd and last suggestion for Odin's 2nd ability, Raven Shout. I think it would be a good idea that while his Raven Shout is activated, to give Odin a attack speed buff of 10/16/22/28/35% (This was cut 50% of the original Odin's ability Odin's Shout when Smite was in Alpha), and with every basic attack that connects (God or Minion), allow his Shield to Recover a portion of it's health back, I suggest between 30-40% of the damage that is inflicted to be recovered, similar to how lifesteal works, but to be used for Raven Shout's Shield and not for Odin's Health. (In example, If Odin hits a minion or Enemy God for 500 Damage, The Shield recovers 30-40% of that damage, which would equate to about 150-200 in recovery health for Odin's Raven Shout Shield.) This would allow Odin and the Enemy to still have its boxing matches, but considering If Odin is the better Boxer, It Keeps Odin still dealing Damage with his Raven Shout, and also gives his 2nd ability, Raven Shout, the ability to be used as a stand alone damaging skill, and not so much heavily rely on Odin's 1st ability, "Lunge". This will also POTENTIALLY allow for Odin to take advantage more often of the 15% Bonus Damage That Raven Shout only offers when it explodes at Full Health, Giving Odin the usability of his Raven Shout twice as effective. This will also reduce the issue that many Odin players run into, which is using Odin's kit way too quickly, as well as using Odin's Lunge (Escape Ability) to deal damage.

    6. Allow Odin's 3rd ability, Gungnir's Might, to have the ability to still slow the enemy if the first sweeping attack lands, however to additionally give his 2nd sweeping attack the ability to disable the enemies from being able to use their abilities for a small duration, so that his kit would work in cooperation with his Ultimate, Ring of Spears, much more smoothly, without having to worry about the enemy escaping out of Odin's Ultimate all the time... and yes, the enemy seems to escape 90% of the time, it is useless, specially late game when everyone has 2 relics and nearly everyone either has a teleport or a jump anyway.

    7. Give his Ult something that gives him more of a advantage when he sets his ring down when facing off against the enemy, that's the whole point of a ultimate, its supposed to be his best ability, but it ends up being the worst ability Odin has, and I'd even say probably one of the worst ultimate's in the game. This is what I suggest, Maybe consider giving his ult 20% bonus damage to all allied gods abilities or maybe just his abilities? Or possibly give himself 50% protection of the damage that the other team throws into the ring? Or even possibly 50% Lifesteal to all damage done onto the enemy gods trapped inside the ring dealt by Odin...His ult doesn't give him nearly enough protection... oh wait... it doesn't give him protection at all...Give back the winning glory of setting down Odin's Ultimate Ring in the first place.

    8. This is a 2nd Suggestion for Odin’s Ultimate, Ring Of Spears. I suggest that the only person that can use abilities IN HIS Ring of Spears, are Odin and his Allies, HOWEVER it prevents all Abilities from outside the ring being placed inside the Ring from both teams. Preventing the Enemy from escaping unless if they have Phantoms Veil. Still allowing the enemy to use Basic attacks from the outside of the Ring, and still allowing Odin’s allies to walk in and out of the Rings. This will allow Odin to become a more effective boxer. (This would not cancel out abilities that were already activated on the battlefield before the Ring of Spears was activated) (This Ultimate will have an increase to Cooldown from 75 seconds to 100 seconds)


    I also Liked another persons Rework of Odin, Heres some of his suggestions, Although I made a few changes.

    Passive: Wisdom

    Each time Odin damages or receives damage from an enemy (God or Minion) he gains Stacks Or Runes, Reaching a maximum of 15 Stacks/Runes. (Whichever, I said Runes because Runes match better by Lore). Those Stacks increase his Attack speed by 1.3333% per stack, as well as his HP5 by 4 per stack. Reaching a maximum of 20% Attack speed, and 60 HP5. Each stack lasts for 6 Seconds, After 6 Seconds, The Stacks/Runes are reset.

    I Preferred my suggestion for his passive, so I scrapped yours entirely. I think since Odin is a big Boxing God, It would help him more by giving him Attack Speed to dish out more damage in smaller amount of time, Which this passive would go more hand-in-hand with his Raven Shout, but because Attack speed is so valuable in the game, I made the Passive semi-difficult to upkeep and be at full stacks all the time.

    Ability 1: Runes

    Odin sacrifices 7% of his current health and harnesses the power of his runes to gain damage reduction and Physical Power for a duration. Odin's next ability becomes infused with magical energy, unlocking the Empowered version, Giving Odin a additional damage power-up for his next ability (Only His Lunge and Raven Shout will be empowered)

    Damage Reduction: 5/8/11/14/17%

    Physical Power: 10/20/30/40/50

    Buff Duration: 4 seconds

    In this case, I Thought the 50% Lifesteal made this too powerful, Although, I have a idea that may be even better for his Raven Shout Shield (Continue reading to know more) and since this is a Power-up as opposed to a Attack, There is no reason to list the Empowered Version for this ability, so I removed it entirely

    Ability 2: Lunge

    Odin throws his Spear to a desired location, once thrown, the spear will land inflicting initial damage, If the spear throw connects, it inflicts a slow upon the enemy. If used again within 5 seconds after the Spear was thrown, Odin leaps to the Spear location, dealing damage to Recovering Gungnir. (Similar to the really sick animation that Celestial Guard Odin has When you select him in the Character Menu)

    The Empowered version of Lunge will cause Odin to have a blue flaming aura, causing extra damage.

    1st Hit Damage: 60/85/105/130/150 (+40% of your Physical Power)2nd Hit Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+60% of your physical power)

    Enhanced Magical Damage: 40/50/60/70/80 (+20% of your magical power)

    Slow Duration: 2 seconds

    Slow: 40%

    I removed the Slow and added a feature to his Lunge where he Throws it first, then jumps up and crashes back down to the ground to retrieve it, So I added a small scaling damage for the first hit. I felt that because Odin is a boxer, inorder to give him the upper hand before engaging, to give him atleast the capability of chipping away the Enemies health.

    Ability 3: Raven Shout

    Odin gathers a shield of ravens, damaging nearby enemies every .5 seconds for 4 seconds while the Shield protects him with its extra health. At 4 seconds, the shield explodes outwards, Lifestealing the total amount of damage that Raven Shout inflicted within the last 5 seconds Only if the Shield survives and explodes. (This Ability will only Lifesteal when used separately from Lunge - This does not apply to minions)

    The Empowered Version of Raven Shout causes more ravens to gather, increasing the duration to 5 seconds.

    (This Ability can be used in Conjuction with his Lunge)

    Shield Health: 100/175/250/325/400 (+60% of your physical power)

    Damage per tick: 15/22/29/36/42 (+7% of your physical power)

    Lifesteal: 35%

    Shield Radius: 20Pull Radius: 15Pull Type: light

    Empowered Version: Increases duration from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

    I like this Idea, this was one of my favorites. The only thing I'd change is how fast the Ticks deal damage, and instead of damage being done on explosion, I made it a decent health recovery skill to health Odin stay in battle longer, as well as encourage people to use this skill WITHOUT Lunge, but still giving the option to be able to do so. I also think Odin, being the Boxing god that he is, The duration of how long the shield lasts will help him not only engage more frequently, but also when the Battlefield is full, to maneuver around and take damage for the team like what a proper Warrior should be able to do. I like the idea that instead of having to wait for his Shield to explode after the 4 second duration to inflict an unknown amount of damage, most of the time never being able to benefit from its 15% bonus damage anyway, But in this case It will instantly start inflicting damage. The Pull has to be a light pull and not hard like Baron Samedi, and smaller than the radius of the shield, giving the Opponent atleast the chance to escape. However this is a powerful ability, and I think everything within it is justified.

    Ultimate: Gungnir's Might

    Odin winds back ( This is Cast time Phase, Initially Stunning Odin in place for 2 seconds, During this time Odin can receive 25% more damage) and hurls the mighty Gungnir forward, damaging enemies. If it hits a god, travel distance is increased to 60m of the flight-path of the throw. If the spear hits a god, they take damage and are knocked back (Like Anhur's Impale). Additionally, If Odin receives a God Kill from this ability, He receives a 4 Second reduction to all ability Cooldowns. Afterwards, When the spear lands at the end of its flightpath, It will cause the ground location to erupt upwards, creating a blockade of earth, the blockade will fade away on its own within 4 seconds (Similar to Cabarakens Ult)

    Additionally, Enemies that die to Gungnir's Might will grant Odin a permanent bonus to Physical Power.

    Damage: 100/175/250/325/400 (+60% of your physical power)

    Empowered Version Damage: 250/300/350/400/450 (+80% of your physical power)

    Base Range: 20m Increase to 60m if Gungnir hits a enemy God.

    Cooldown Reduction: 4 seconds upon God Kill

    Block Radius: 15m

    Physical Power: 5 Power per stack, max 10 stacks.

    I really like this idea of this Ultimate, Its a good all around ability, although I felt like inorder to keep key core features of Odin, He had to keep his Stacks that came with his Original Ultimate, Ring of Spears. I also felt like the Stun wouldnt be accepted because Hi-Rez had stated in their recent Dev Insight update that they would like Odin to keep his "Blocking" mechanic. However inorder to still keep their wishes so they may still consider this as a viable Rework option, I added the effect of how Gods would be pushed back, and a blockade appearing at the end of Gungnirs flightpath. I thought the Stun was useless as well as the follow-up return of his spear, Only allowing this Ultimate to hit once. Because this is such a great Ultimate, I felt like inorder to have some kind of counter balance between power and Validity, I added a weakness to it that would allow Odin to be Stunned for 2 seconds before launching his Spear. Additionally If he is attacked during Cast Time, He will receive 25% more damage.

    Heres a Link to the Original Ideas before I had made any changes:


    I Just think its funny because How are you going to give Chaac:

    A Silence, A Knock Up, Heavy Damage, Damage Mitigation, Crowd Control Immunity, and Super charge extra damage, with a low Cooldown Ultimate, That is literally all from one ability.

    But Odin gets: Light CC Ring (easily avoidable) and 100% healing reduction

    Like you just look at the two, and can tell that its no where near balanced. Granted both of these Gods are warriors, but built differently, its still really strange to see regardless. Now this comparison was done just for pointing out issues even further with Odin, and specifically his Ult, and Why Adding even a couple changes to his Kit isn't even that outlandish, due to already existing balanced Gods in the game now that have way more in their Kit/Ult, Chaac was just the God that was used for demonstration.

    I have read the upcoming rework for Odin Season 7, from the Dev insight News update. I appreciate the acknowledgment of many peoples opinions and concerns, as well as mine, and I thank you guys, mentioning of Odins rework could not be any better timing, lets just hope it will be a positive one, and you may consider my changes. I would like to mention though, If your team ever gets around to reading this, I've already mentioned the changes I'd like to see him receive, and from what I read in the notes, what you guys would like to change to Odins kit, it actually sounds like it closely correlates to most of the things I mentioned.

    For example, it was stated in the notes:

    Odin’s goals will be:

    To preserve his core play style of an aggressive, high damage warrior with an Ultimate that blocks player movement.

    Improve his ability to fight over long periods of time.

    Add more flavor to his kit through runic magic and the use of his spear.

    ... WELL with that said, I think with the changes I had mentioned before meet all Criteria.

    Before any one decides to make assumptions or critique on this post, lets first clear up some misunderstandings, and address how you build Odin. The way he is built, is in a way that would give him more of an advantage due to his really high scaling damage if you build him more like a DPS as opposed to a warrior. It’s similar to how Hades, Ao Kuang, Fenrir, or Cabraken works, or other gods for that matter how their profile says that they are a specific class, but people build them alternately because of their stats scaling and abilities all the time and it works. Same here goes for Odin. To further counterbalance his poor mechanics of his kit, A lot of people do build defense on Odin. But, like other gods I had already mentioned, you shouldn’t have to build a God one specific way if he is good also another way. No matter how you build him, his mechanics are still poor, that much can be agreed upon.

    I feel like this is a good and fair analysis of the god, Odin, and I think the corrections would make him wonderful to play again and balanced, not just for me, but for so many others. Please send this to the correct department or team in-order to see this through. Let me know what you guys think too, that would be much appreciated.

    Feel free to give me your opinions, you can also respond on the Smite Forums under “God feedback” or you can click on this link:


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    P.S. If you agree with me, then keeping this thread alive and commenting on it so that Hi-rez can see it, itll let them know that people are interested, keep in mind that this is the only way that the people that play their games let them know that they want these changes.

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