Hello friends I am a Christian and I have an idea to put the Holy Trinity in SMITE I am not very knowledgable on how the individual abilities work for gods so I just am going to put the basic run down of the idea.

The Trinity concept is confusing but for those of you who have played Heroes of the Storm I was thinking thhat it could be done very simularly to the lost vikings in Heroes of the Storm where they are three heroes in one that you have to find a way to control effectively but it would be a little different since the different aspects of the Trinity would be different classes to match their personalities.

God the Father(Yahweh) would work well as a warrior since he is shown as being strong and showing affection through tough love, his ultimate could be Fire and Brimestone(based off the destruction of Sodom and Gammorah) which would rain fire over a certain area damaging and slowing all gods caught in it's path, his other abilities should be entered around dealing damage to opposing gods.

God the Son(Jesus) would work well as a guardian since he is depicted as spreading the word of God through love and benevolent miracles but as seen in the Book of Revelations he can do what is needed, his passive could be Resurrection(based off of the Resurrection of Jesus 3 days after his death) which would mean any time he would be slain he would respawn in 3 seconds(we don't know how long time is in the battlefield of the gods they probably percieve time differently than us allowing 3 days for us to be 3 seconds for them) his other abilities should be centered around defending and healing teamates.

God the Holy Ghost(Holy Spirit) would work well as a mage since he acts more inderectly but still in our world, he could be depicted as a transparent humanoid image or as a white dove and his passive could be Holy Transperancy(since he is a ghost) which would allow him to move through allied gods but still be vulnrable to enemy gods turrets or abilities and ultimate could be Omnipresence(since he is a ghost)which would allow him to instantly navigate to any point on the map, his other abilities should be centered around being able to move quikly around the map to be able to aid an ally in need who is far away.

Tell me what you think if you have any suggestions or critisizms please feel free to share.