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Thread: Help me find my main!

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    Help me find my main!

    I'm having a tough time sticking to one role or one god, i wanna start spam playing one god to get those beautiful stars on my portrait. I wanna base my god choice on my favorite weapons in videogames. My favorite weapons are: Bows, Big hammers, Warglaives, Scythes, and Whips. With this in mine just know i don't care about winrate, playrate, banrate etc.

    I'd imagine it would line up like this:

    Who do you all think I should main?

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    Thor for hammer ofc! Thor is versatile, can play super high ganky burst and hybrid and even somewhat more tanky more as a warrior. Easy to fit in a comp as he has both peel, long range initiation and good easy to land poke.

    Bastet and Thanna are not very versatile, I have many stars on thanna but I don't like him a lot in this meta, meta is somewhat tanky and thanna like when people are squishy. Neither of these have peel and pretty much needs a team with some nice CC to be a good pick. Nothing you can spam game to game and think you have nice games no matter what people pick, Thor on other hand can fit into almost any game. Bastet has nice poke though and a fairly easy to play mid game. Thanna cannot outpoke many of the fotm Gods (like baron) which makes his game a lot more boring then it used to be.

    Bellona was and probably always will be good and versatile, can function as a hybrid adc as she gets stronger with more attackspeed. A qins + exec and rest tank. Or some super greedy stone cutting, hasted, bloodforge build, she can do a lot. You just gotta learn when she wanna go full tank and when she can get away (and needs) some more dps. She is not easy to learn how to build but she is a lot of fun.

    Neith I like a lot she is good, self heal, AS reduction, global ulti, root for cc with good range. Neith likes the most to build assassin/adc hybrid but its not all games she can afford it, sometimes she just needs to be full adc. Artemis is harder to fit in a comp then Neith but if artemis has a good comp she can wreck really hard.

    Serqet really doesn't have a weapon in smite I think. But she is good and versatile.

    Baka is pretty unique God, takes a lot of time to get him well (he is almost easiest in conquest) in other modes he needs patience and very good timing.
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    You know it's really up to your style of play and experimenting with characters that suits your play. Aphro is my main, Tera is my second, but now Persephone is my third, but after you invest so much time in this game, you start to play other characters and start learning them to benefit your team. I used to love Medusa as my main hunter, but as time progressed, I now like Cupid. As with RockerBaby stated, I def think Thor is Versatile too since he is so easy to play, has damage, cc, and can escape. He also has easy combos to pull off. If you like speed, then try Arachne, Pele, or Ne Zha.
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