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Thread: Can we do something about thanos?

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    Can we do something about thanos?

    He's fucking obnoxious to play against. Even when he doesn't have that fucking OP ultimate he can still whoop people so easily with his normal abilities. I've seen him played as fucking support and he can whoop real supports no problem. He is just an obnoxious character and I'd like to see him nerfed. I know nobody from hi rez even looks at these forums so I'm basically just ranting. Have a nice day!

    P.S. don't forget to vote!
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    They wont nerf him unless you give valid reasons, People like playing him... you have to convince hi-rez more than just say "Hes annoying, hes strong, he can beat supports, nerf him" you need to be thorough with your posts to have them even consider what you want

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