On May 28, I receive an email saying that my account has been linked to an account mixer. The next day, I received an email saying that I would be permanently banned from smite for sharing an account. However, I didn't share an account with anyone at any time, nor did I link it to an account mixer. I emailed for help, but I wasn't helped by you.
I don't know what happened, but I didn't share my account with anyone. You can look at my game history which will see only one game in this account. This account has always been very well taken care of by me, she is years old, has several skins in it, was always understanding gems to identify well. On May 2nd, I took my computer to format, it was one thing I did and I didn't know if anyone meant to hack me and you knew I shared an account. Please help me. If you look at my game history, friends, and everything, you'll always see someone running on this account, which is me. Never shared with anyone. The person who linked a mixer account the day before my banning day hacked me. Since the unfair ban I stopped playing but would like to play again, I really enjoy playing. Please correctly check the accesses in the account that will only see that I have entered my entire life in the account. It's not fair for me to lose an account that cares so lovingly for someone who hacked me into it. Thank you very much