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Thread: Ares' Skin-Exclusive Animation Does Not Match True Damaging Area

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    Exclamation Ares' Skin-Exclusive Animation Does Not Match True Damaging Area

    The animation visuals on Ares' 'Searing Flesh' ability do not match the true AOE damage cone when using the skin "Fernando."

    When using Ares' 'Searing Flesh' ability while the 'Fernando' skin is equipped, I noticed that the flame animation is roughly 2/3 narrower in width than the ability's prefire indicator, which subsequently means that the area where damage ticks occur is larger than the area that the animation covers. This directly causes the average player's accuracy using the 'Searing Flesh' ability to significantly decrease while using the 'Fernando' skin.

    Please consider adjusting the animation to match the area of effect.
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    I dont use him so I have no say on if this is true, however, the animation may be intentional due to the fire being more concentrated in one area... sorta like a torch lighter... but if the damage is still being done in the same distance then, i dont know if it matters...

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