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Thread: Conquest Ranked games

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    Post Conquest Ranked games

    Conquest lower division ranked games are completely broken. And currently It's impossible to play quality games at all..
    First of all it's biggest mistake from Hi-Rez which allows any player who reached lvl 30 and unlocked 20 gods to play ranked games.
    That is just to small criteria to join ranked games.

    There are completely new to game players as example fenrir jungler buys 3 different items t1 t2 and doesn't complete any of them.
    Every game there are least 1-2 players who will troll and ruin game. By nearly intentionally dying (0-12 k/d), by rage quit, by totally wrong build, by totally wrong skill build, by refusing playing given role, by refusing to help team instead pushing till whole team dies, by going afk on purpose, by lagging or dc (not on purpose but they have no clue why they lag) not even talking about warding communication via vgs and similar stuff.

    This means you cannot control the game and it's just pure lottery when ever you get less bad players on your team or more. And this happens literally every game. Ranked games are not even close to ranked games
    anymore. I got friend which is really good player and he got stuck between gold I, gold II and platinium v with 87wins 79loses. It's not acceptable.

    There are tons of trolls who just mutes vgs and go whatever they want and you cannot easily bypass variation there are just to many of them. And the reason is simple matchmaking system allows completely new players play with platinium V or gold I players. I prefer wait 10-12min for one quality game, instead for 6min quicker queue with completely bad players. Which joins games and starts with "hi what to ban?".
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    It was the exact same thing last season. They dont care really. Same reason i stopped middle of last season. Only playing unranked atm but 14 DC`s in 3 days really tell you about the state of the game.

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