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Thread: So...about the whole exclusive skins thing...

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    Thumbs up So...about the whole exclusive skins thing...

    Me and by BF wanted to spend some cash a few days ago so we thought about buying some cool skins on Smite and I came to the conclusion that this game has become a labyrinth of cash schemes over the years up to the point where you almost always have to gamble for any decent skins that are to your liking.

    I understand that these things are supposed to get them the money they need to cover server expenses and all that but I personally think the number of exclusive skins or skins found in these fishy lockboxes is way too high.

    I once wanted to buy the Spectral Sword Ares skin and it was in a chest with only 6 items,so I ended up buying 2 chests and I got lucky and got the skin,but the thing was only a 6 skin chest,it wasn't a huge gamble.Now all chests are 60 item chests and most of those are stupid sh**e,voice packs or ward skins that I don't want to get after spending my money on a "skins chest". Where is the logic in fitting so much crap and only like 10 skins in a 60 item lockbox? To fuel people's gambling addiction? Idk I guess I'm just kinda mad and disapointed that this has become the leading cash grab in Smite of late...anyone else feels the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ackadian02 View Post
    I came to the conclusion that this game has become a labyrinth of cash schemes
    You are correct.

    HiRez even admitted this, stating "we’ve developed a few strategies" (see web archive link, as the original link is dead).

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    Yes indeed. Esp. the chest rolls. The "random/gamble" theme is apparent with most video games. This take your chance and hope you win the rare item scheme is a plot to just have players fork our their cash.

    I have a lot of skins and I have invested a lot in this game but not a lot of people are fortunate and have the finances to invest money in Smite. However, my recommendation is only buy gems when they are on sale and purchase the maximum gems at that sale price. I even do 2 transaction for the max sale price and those gems can last for months.

    Currently I am at 700+ skins lol, and what nice about it now due to me investing is when new skin comes out my chances of me rolling to obtain that skin is like 80-100%.

    What I wish they had, and I have expressed it before is they should have reward points for people like me who do invest money in this game, and use that reward to get discounts or extra items, but I know that will not happen, but it would be nice.

    What smite needs to do is to consider other options for those who are not so fortunate to spend a lot of money to where it is more effective than just random chest rolls. In addition, I feel skins should be combined with favor allowing players not spend too much of their gems like for example, but a skin for 400 gems but only spend 200 gems and rest with favor points. This will definitely help players not be so resentful on the price of skins and goods. What is the use of using favor when it can only be bought with items that are not that intangible like voice, emotes, etc.
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