I had Deathbringer, Wind Demon, Poison Star and Rage, with at least two stacks on Rage. Duel ensues between me and Hou Yi. I hit him four times. Of those four times, only the first hit was a crit. That has a .02% chance of occurring. And it could very easily have killed me. The game could've decided, arbitrarily, to make me lose that fight (Provided the enemy had landed more shots).

This is not the way to make crits work in SMITE. This is not the way to make crits work in PvP, industry-wide, but that's a bigger topic.

Old Rage was a much more appealing figure, as it enforced a level of stability. You had a minimum guarantee for crits, and that was unbelievably reassuring. Luck played a tiny little bit less of a role in playing a hunter, and I think crit should be reworked to function more in that vein. For example, an alternative mechanism could be that items with crit just stack up per hit. For example, every successful hit with Deathbringer gives you 25 stacks. 100 stacks = crit. Simple as that. More crit, faster stacking. No luck, no fuss. Even a little depth in the ability to hold onto a critical strike.