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Thread: Game Crash = desertion ban.

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    Game Crash = desertion ban.

    Hi Smite can you please sort your game out.

    Every other day this game crashes down at god selection and loading screen, and its now blaming me for desertion, despite trying to load it back up again immediately.

    I cant imagine how many others are having the same problems, being penalized for your issues. I've never actually left a game, and yet am now up to the 30 min wait. Please sort it out. Its incredibly frustrating.

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    If you crash in loading screen you should be able to get back in the game without issues. If you crash in god selection it is unfortunate but then you cancelled the game for everyone thus resulting in a penalty. the game cannot make the difference between you shutting down the game cause you dont feel like playing or you crashing. I would highly suggest checking your internet connection and strenght and your pc specs to be sure it's not an issue with your pc/internet.

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