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Thread: Ranked MMR - How does it work?

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    Ranked MMR - How does it work?


    Yesterday I've finally hit lvl 30 and I went directly into ranked matchmaking (casual 2 min waiting for match, ranked 6 min waiting for match). In my first match I've had silver ** teammate, while all others were unranked. But on my second match, almost everyone in enemy team were ranked, and their ranks were above silver (I'm sure there was platinum and gold, almost sure there was diamond). Now here is my question:

    I have ~1k MMR, which places me in Bronze. I was expecting to play vs opponents on my level, but it doesn't really work like this. So, is it worth to wait 3x longer for ranked games, go through pick/ban phase (which prolongs the process), just to get stomped by enemy high rank players, or just stay on casual modes?

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    It all depends what you are going for. If you are a player that enjoys a bit more competition and grinding through ranks than ranked isn't that bad. in the beginning you will get very different games from high to low mmr players just so the system has an idea of where you'll be placed. from then on you will be matched against people of roughly the same rank (few ranks up and down). this ofcourse depends on when you play. If you play in active periods when there are many ppl onlnie you will get decent matchmaking. if you play on hours during the day that not too many people play you'll be queued wit hthose who are playing ranked at that moment regardless of thier mmr (this is cause of the small ranked qc player base)

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