I understand that free to play games inherently come with micro transactions. Thats totally fine. But I have never seen it done as poorly as it is in smite. $5 in smite gets you 200 gems which will usually either get you a very basic low effort skin or will allow you to open a chest.
Basically the main issue here is you have to spend way too much on gems to get anything even halfway decent. Yall make themed chests like the one thats out right now for Halloween (spooky) and then fill it to the brim with totally unrelated stuff so players have a lower chance of getting what they want.
I know it isnt confirmed (at least i dont think it is) but Im 99% sure you guys program new chests to give out the featured skins last because I have bought every single item in 3 different chests and got the featured skins i wanted as one of the last few rolls.
NOW lets pretend for a second that the chests werent a massive ripoff and that gems werent the literal worst cash to currency ratio Ive ever seen in a game.
So often you release different tier skins, the lowest being literal recolors and the highest being T5 which are super fancy and dope.
So why are so many of the higher tier skins literal recolors with an extra asset attached and a new voice pack? Even ignoring the promotional skins for conventions or partnerships like twitch or whatever. Stuff like Hel's christmas skin, that you can only get from a chest but is literally the basic skin with christmas lights on it. Like getting that skin is basically like taking $5 and setting it on fire. Its been changed since his redesign but Poseidons king of the deep skin used to be literally his base skin recolored with a divers helmet, a new shoulder piece, and a new staff plus a voice pack.
Im not saying you guys dont try with your skins because a lot of them are super badass. but the badass ones either cost way too much, are limited so were forced to overpay for them or lose the chance to own them forever, or are in a chest that fits their theme along with 100+ other items that are entirely irrelevant to the theme but will still cost a full $5 to get in the chest.
Again, lets pretend all of that wasnt a thing. Pretending gems were priced fairly, skins werent either too expensive or too similar to the original, and that chests werent a total rip off.
You lock skins and other exclusives behind events that we have to pay to participate in. Like it'd be one thing if we had to pay for the event and were guaranteed the cool stuff PLUS access to the event but you literally charge us to spend all of our time grinding for a skin that, if it doesnt have a cheaper recolor during the event, will most likely get one later, lessening the value of the skin further. Like right now the event limited skin is a big mech hera thing for spending countless hours playing after paying for access to the event, but once you pay for the event you immediately are given that exact same skin in a different color. Ive gotten countless skins that were "exclusive" to events or even limited skins only to find out (either during the event or after the fact) that there is a skin that uses the exact model, or a slightly altered model, that looks cooler or at the very least is available for less money (IE king of the ring ravana and dragons rage khukulkan). Youre taking advantage of players by saying that a skin is never ever going to be available again but then rerelease the skin in a different color and/or with new assets on the technicality that its a different skin. I dont know if you do this cause youre too lazy to think up and design entirely new skins or if youre literally just trying to ripoff your playerbase but either way its messed up.
SO after being gone for a couple years I come back and find out that literally nothing has changed or gotten any better, but in fact HIREZ has implemented a new skin scam. Unlimited skins. Basically limited skins but the only difference is that if you dont "earn" them through the events then the only way to get them is to pay for them like a skin in any other moba (like league of legends) The only 2 unlimited skins available right now are 1500 gems ($25) and 3300 gems (Barely under $50 which gets you 3500 gems)
Im fully aware of why you do this. If you charge waaaaay too much money for gems, you can put the gem price on skins super low so they seem cheap. To the average gamer you see 1500 gems and think oh wow thats not that much, in league the super nice skins are about 1800RP so that has to be a great deal, only to find out that the 1500 gem skin in smite costs almost double what it is in similar games. (1500 gems is $35, 28000 RP in league of legends is $20) You keep the prices super high to keep the gem value super low which is like, clearly intentional misdirection. But honestly the scummy prices of gems wouldnt even be that big of a deal if a heavy majority of the best skins in the game werent locked behind "RNG" chests that are more likely to give you ward skins and profile avatars than they are god skins, and even LESS likely to give you the skin you want, or even a skin relevant to the chests theme. And dont forget, every single roll for most of these chests is $5 worth of gems, sometimes a chest roll costs even more. (Like right now the halloween chest is $5 per roll and has 60 things in it, a lot of which are not halloween related at all. Theres another halloweeny chest available with only 15 things in it, all skins, mostly relevant to the theme but its $10 per roll and youre STILL not guaranteed a skin you like, or a skin for a god you play.)
I dont expect any of this to make any difference whatsoever because like, why would you change something thats been working for years and making you more money than you deserve for the effort put in and the f**ks given.
Im just trying to point out that what youre doing is greedy af and alienates your playerbase (i loved the game but quit because I felt manipulated into paying way too much for stuff I dont even want or like, or for events that didnt end up being worth it) and the only way I was able to get myself to stop spending all my money on the game was to quit because I wanted every "limited" skin cause theyre advertised as never going to be available again. Smite was my favorite game at the time and I felt like the game, and by extension the developers, couldnt give less of a crap about me or my experience and just wanted me to pay up.

TL;DR: PLEASE just TRY to pretend like you give as much of a crap about your players as you do their money. Not even more about the players cause I dont think youre capable of that, just an equal amount.