A lot of the toxicity issues were resolved with the "Role Selection" which is one step in the right direction it's actually helped a lot.

This is not to discuss a punishment, appeal a ban, or suspension, but rather my experience, and why changes need to come.

On 9/13/2019, I played a game and selected my role of "Mid / Solo" as usual, I am auto filled with a Toxic Support, the player basically runs in at level 1 when the enemy has an advantage starts taking hits making me follow up on it, and trying to help them I die as a result.

The game keeps going, as a support he sits around doing absolutely nothing useful, Doesn't rotate to take buff, and spends the rest of the game early on just running everywhere doing absolutely nothing, as a support it's my personal opinion that you need to be "Healing" "CC" or something actively to be a support, but this guy doesn't know what he is doing, or is just trolling take your pick.

So stuck in a lane with a 1v2, I am basically getting hard CC by an Artio doing their job as a support, and an off-meta freya player who kills me under the tower with their ultimate, meanwhile my support still does nothing supportive.

To make things worse we have an AFK Mid Lane I think it was our mid who goes afk for a huge amount of time.

The end of the match I am getting harassed along with another guy to report me for "Trolling" even the guy who went afk, yes he went afk and broke the rules I know but harassing your team isn't going to help anyone or the game for that matter.

Meanwhile At end I am reported for whatever and after I try to login after It says I am suspended for 70 hours

I suggest changes to the reporting and review system, because if the games in question were actually reviewed the evidence would clearly prove that our Support, and AFK player really caused the problems, though instead players who fund SMITE are suspsneded without being given an exact reason or proof, with no customer service, no appeal, and have to contact (AG) instead to get proper responses.

Instead of Hi-Rez just issue suspensions they need to provide match-id with actual proof of what the offending player did to get suspended, and users should not be banned for playing really bad either, especially when being trolled by others, the key word of the ban policy is (Intentional), a user who gets dived by a Freya, and Artio while the support runs around everywhere doing nothing isn't the carry's fault for being unable to carry anchors.