I love Jorm. I play too many games with him. He has good damage and team fight potential. He has an awesome ult but other than the ult, his kit is very lackluster especially late game. I'd like to see his kit improved to include more CC and survivability to be more in line with other guardians. That way he can be more viable as a support role in conquest as well. Maybe take damage out of his ult and 2nd ability to help balance it.

Areas I would like to see improvement:

Physical defense - Being on the front lines is just hard when you get shredded by the opposing warrior who is lifestealing off of you. Assassins and Hunters all shred you as well especially late game. You are extremely vurnerable without the ult even with lots of physical protection. I would like to see a pretty drastic increase in physical defense.

Ability 1 - Late game, this really doesn't do much of anything. It's a slow projectile with weak damage. It's only real use is to combo with the 3rd ability and create more AOE circles. You still have to build Gem of Iso or Spear of Desolation to have them serve a purpose though cause the natural slow and damage are just weak. It would be cool to see more of a natural slow or increase the damage per tick cause enemies usually have no problem walking through them or fighting on top of them.

Ability 2 - This does a ton of damage and some minor slowing and that's about it. If you are building tanky, it really doesn't even do that much damage late game. The slow charge time and the fact that you can get no CC immunity during the charge up makes it really easy to stun or dodge you as well. It would be nice for this to provide more slow, or possibly a minor stun, or maybe some armor shred.

Ability 3 - This ability just kinda sucks. Especially late game when everyone's grouped. The damage is low and the knockup is just so small. It's cool that you go invisible and you get a slight speed boost but neither of those things really matter. Enemies can hear you approaching and just poke you out. He's a slow character so the speed boost isnt enough to make a significant difference. Even with this ability I find it hard to escape ganks due to his large form and how easily he is tracked during invisibility. The knockup needs to be bigger. I would actual prefer this be a dash where he goes underground and knocks up enemies where he pops out.

Basic Attacks - The basics are very useful for early game clear and pressure but they seem to scale very poorly. Even with a damage build, I don't feel like they are doing much late game. It makes his objective clear very poor.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree. Thanks.