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Thread: Real Tutorials Are Needed

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    Real Tutorials Are Needed

    We need actual tutorials. I am sick and tired of supports that don't rotate, ward, or engage. Sick and tired of adcs that don't understand what adcs actually do, they don't focus objectives, chase kills, don't invade and REFUSE to ward. Worst of all, both don't understand that they are suppose to kill the purple buff after clearing wave, I have seen so many games in which at least 1 idiot in duo STANDS STILL or runs around the lane after clearing.
    Then there's the idiot in jg, why the hell do they not know how to gank? Why do they run straight into lane in FRONT of the enemy? Why do they not try to invade when its a 3v5? Meanwhile the solo laner decided Void Shield as first item is better than Gladiators/Berserker... I can't even... *facepalm*

    PS: I am a fill main, so I end up playing support a lot of the time and it's very frustrating to have a brain dead team.

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    I feel that so hard. I honestly play more casual joust than any other mode but its still frustrating to see other players that just lack basic knowledge of how the game works at all. for instance vss. then the tank starts ks'ng the minions. or when you call out that enemies are trying to gank from left and they leave themselves open, or even when you recall and the lvl5 mage runs into their tower trying to secure a kill 1v3. its absolutely ridiculous. But God forbid you try and coach/ teach them bc then you're just toxic. If the devs actually cared about the game and not money they'd do something about this and incase they read this, here's a great option to consider.. ive been playing this game for close to a year, and its my first moba as well. i know full well there are things that i dont know about the game so how about we mandate every account to go through a 15-30min tutorial where they explain what v-chats are, what they mean, how to use them effectively , and how to play as a team. what the proper 3 team options would be with scenarios. and ofcourse go over each game mode and base tactics for them.yep. we have a lot of trash players who want to adc as a tank, or call roll and then wait for others to lock in before switching to completely different classes. the reporting almost doesnt do anything due to the fact that we just cant play enough games to weed out the crappy players. what happened to the brackets most league games have??? why is it that when i get paired with diamond players that are absolute trash yet im Gold rank??? this whole system needs re-vamped and honestly if i have to wait 3 days bc the server is down fixing all these mistakes these devs make then so be it. my best friend alpha'd this game and he constantly talks about the times when the players would stay in lobby and discuss what happened and why. it wasnt that you lost bc one guy decided to jump all the way up to their tower and feed it was because one item or a better tactic and quite frankly i believe the only reason it wont go back to that is because hi-rez loves the money these toxic people throw at it for cool skins or emotes. its ridiculous.

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