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Thread: Actual Intentional Feeders

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    Actual Intentional Feeders

    How long does it normally take for an actual intentional feeder to get banned? And is it an account ban or IP ban (assuming hi-rez is capable of that)? Because if it's an account ban, can't they just make another account?

    I just got done with a Conquest match in which our jg got angry at our mid for picking Thanatos. The jg proceeded to pick Persephone and held w down the entire 15 minutes. By the end she was 0/15, lv3, no relics, and only got 2 items (traveller's and bumba) at somewhere in 10-15 minutes in. She even said "this isn't my only account" after I calmly (yes calmly, I didn't rage) told everyone to chill and just report her at the end. Do people like this really get away with doing such crap?

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    Hirez doesnt IP ban...hence all the smurf accts in the game.

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