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Thread: Hi-Rez is destroying SMITE

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    Angry Hi-Rez is destroying SMITE

    Hello, new to this forum stuff so just be gentle. First off I'm making this post to more or less rant about what Hi-Rez is turning SMITE into. Every time a new patch comes out it feels like they're nerfing gods that really need a buff or were originally semi-balanced, and then deciding to buff gods that really and i mean like really don't need it. Some examples of that are Zeus and his oh so "needed" late game damage, then they decided Aphrodite really needed a buff, to the point where if you dont have maximum anti-heal there is no way in H-E-Double, fuck you are going to kill a single person on her team.

    On top of that we went from a warrior meta to an ADC meta only half way through the season, and why? Its because those idiots in Hi-Rez really felt like the most played class in SMITE needed more attention. I can't play my main class without absolutely getting put down like old Yeller by an ADC that built executioner early.

    Every game of Conquest, Joust, or Siege isn't even a gamble of which gods im going to see on my team or the enemy team. It doesn't just feel like i see the same 6 gods every game. I really only see the same 6 gods every game. Can anyone tell me the last time you saw Ao Kuang, Camazots, Cabrakan, or even a Pele, anyone else remember when she was a thing? The gods i see almost every game, Neith, Bacchus,Bellona, and Zeus. I rarely see assassins in Conquest anymore, people play those in Joust or siege now just for fun now.

    What is that Hi-Rez? Why are you ruining this game there are tons of posts on this forum about great suggestions of how a to balance this game, people are literately doing your job for you and you still some how screw it up, Hats off to you. I use to love to get on this game with friends but its quickly turning into a chore of a game, and i don't know about you but i hate chores.

    Later Gators
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregery1142 View Post
    Every time a new patch comes out it feels like they're nerfing gods.
    Boycot Hi-Rez!

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