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Thread: Smite is the worst moba with the best gameplay..

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    Smite is the worst moba with the best gameplay..

    Before i say why i'm gonna say i wish i could play this game , it has well-designed characters that are fun and unique ... BUT... ITS STILL INCREDIBLY BORING/BAD/UNFUN and that's because

    Conquest is incredibly bad, it's the worst moba type out of all mobas ive played (which is most pc ones and even mobile ones which are infinitely way more fun than smite)

    the way conquest is designed is just horrendous, the map is too big which by itself is not a bad thing but that makes ganks almost impossible to get away from, most of the mages in the game would die even to a support Artio ganking them because for most chars its impossible to outrun most supports/assassins/fighters. The towers are too far apart and they barely do any damage and have too low range - all this COULD be good but it's not because of how stats work in this game, defense heavily outscales offense (and this is the only game in which that is the case) so a full tank melee will almost always beat a full damage mage, regardless of how good that mage is, unless except maybe super late game with penetration items and buffs included.

    It might be fun/better to view-watch a game like this which has more strategy and positioning but it sure as hell isn't as fun to play because you rely on your teammates to cover enemy movements so that they can match numbers so you can actually venture forth in the huge map but you can't control other players and as a soloq player you'll mostly just be faced with frustration from other people's incompetence or selfishness

    I had a game the other day playing a mage on the solo lane, my enemy literally facetanked my abilities for 30 seconds straight and he was almost full hp which is just a huge pepega. Defense in this game is absolutely stupid, splitpushing is almost not an option because you can be ganked/stopped way too easy and if your team doesn't do anything about it then you just die - spoiler alert when you play with bad randoms they won't do anything about it -
    so what does that leave? To play super defensive and conservative which brings me to my point that the game is boring. You don't have as much control over the game as you do in other mobas. Cooldowns on some skills are too high which leaves auto attacks which aren't as reliable or as good for something like a mage

    Playing middle lane is stupid as hell because half of your laning phase is based on your jungler? which isn't unique to smite (it exists in some other mobas) but it's incredibly unfun and bad and stupid and for that the design of the jungle is to blame. Jungle is too easy and faceroll-y (it has always been) so junglers are always capable of doing easy ganks and roaming all the time or even sharing xp with midlaners which can snowball your opponent or just get you killed. It's not fun because it's not based on you as an individual and that's all we are in life - individuals. I'm not arguing here for how the game is on super high level or tournaments but how it is as a solo player - i don't feel rewarded playing this.

    I briefly touched on this but > some defensive items can almost double your dmg reduction while offensive items do what? 20-30% dmg increase at best. My mage's blessing was hitting a guy for 2 damage (the yellow dmg) when he merely had HALF AN ITEM COMPLETED. How does he have 80% dmg reduction with 1 item? In some other mobas there are items that give ability-hit effects that literally double the dmg of the ability in teh early/mid game and in here something like soul-reaver does like what? 50-100 dmg extra lmao. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying that the game should be super bursty or that melees should be nerfed, im aware this is a 3d moba so it has to be different but right now as it is, it's boring and it could be improved and it's wasting its potential

    I've been playing smite (on and off and mostly casually and mostly spamming arena cus at least that's semi fun even if it does feel a bit pointless at times and it has flaws - like how important minions are in an arena setting.. they should give less money and tickets but w/e) since like 2015 maybe (or even before that idk) and i do want to play it more seriously but every time i play conquest in this game i feel miserable and i want to quit. My impact as an individual is too low by game design because it's too easy to shut you down if you play more aggressive.
    I currently have no main game but i do have three mobas on my pc which i shuffle through, smite being one of them, and my " view/perspective" is pretty fresh in my mind.

    thats my feedback, i do want to play this game but i won't play it much unless something with it changes to make it feel more rewarding to me and to give me some incentive to actually bother playing

    I think a good step would be to decrease the cooldowns of almost all skills in the game (just not the super low ones) and to decrease the hitboxes of most skills with good hitboxes while also obviously decreasing the cooldown of dashes. That would make the game more skill based because you can do more damage if you can land all your stuff and it's much faster and has different/better positioning options cus of lower cd dashes.

    Also i think that magic damage should be increased against tanks so they actually have to be on their toes when fighting a mage and not just scratching their nose with one hand while holding W and pressing 1 skill with the other to help gank cus they take zero damage while they keep all their cc and have decent dmg.

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    I agree that the jungle sucks in this game. I would like a full rework of it.

    Defence is pretty good though in my opinion. Also, if they buff towers and make the lane smaller that will just buff defensive styles, so you kind of contradict yourself.

    My main problem personally, is there needs to be more viable items, especially magic damage items. Litteraly deciding which items to buy as a mage is such a non option, it's really sad to see,

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